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Greetings Countly team has there been changes made to community build limiting some of the features it had before.

The issue we're having is due to the country map not showing where users are located on the map. Earlier builds had this feature and now it looks like it has been disabled or removed from the community build. Please verify that it was disabled in the community build or is this a bug we're experiencing with this build version 19.02.1.

I've attached a screenshot for your viewing.

we use Google Charts for this feature.
And recently Google Charts started to require Google Maps API key for city level to work properly
You can provide one under Confgiruations -> Frontend -> Google Maps Javascript API key
It also provide information on how to get one there.

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Greetings Ar2sawseen,

I've followed your advice regarding resolving the google maps issues, but there isn't any configuration under frontend to add the API key. I've attached 2 screenshots for your viewing,

Can you try searching using "api" or "maps" or "google" keywords? Chances are that part may have been moved.

It is possible you are on older version that does not have this configuration yet.
If for some reason you cannot upgrade to newer version, you can check if this work around helps you: