(Android) network requests over unmetered network only


Hi all,

I'm new to Countly. Looking at the Android SDK source, it appears that there isn't a way to favor/force network requests over an unmetered connection. Looks like the heartbeat beats every 60 seconds, and if the event queue has reached its size threshold, the backend gets hit.

Can someone confirm that this assessment is correct? Is anyone working on a network-type preference setting, or should I get going on implementation + (hopefully) pull request?



Hello and welcome to our community :slight_smile:

By default event queue size is 10 and heartbeat is 60 seconds.

And to my knowledge, no one is working on a network-type preference setting but @arturs_k should know best.


Hi @aimkey
You can disable those pings: https://github.com/Countly/countly-sdk-android/blob/master/sdk/src/main/java/ly/count/android/sdk/Countly.java#L1462

As for preference settings I'm not aware of this. Yet in case you'd like to contribute I strongly suggest looking at our next branch instead as it's what we'll switch to eventually.


Hi @artem,

It looks as though the setting you linked only disables regular session updates, but does not disable regular event updates.

What is the general status of the next branch? Alpha, beta, experimental, etc?

Is there a public roadmap available?



Events are sent whenever this limit is exceeded or with next session request.

Core functionality in the next branch is more of a beta, yet it lacks some critical features like GDPR support to make it so. We don't have even approximate release date, unfortunately.