API Countly with restful api Java


Hi all. I working countly and i want sent some information from Java with restful API using Spring boot. I know countly have api from sdk js ios but i can't find api from Server(Restfull API ..). I using postman and sent event with : https://try.count.ly/i?app_key="api key"&device_id=aaaa and I add body :
"events": [
"key": "User",
"count": 3,
"sum": 2.97,
"dur": 1000,
"segmentation": {
"app_version": "1.0",
"segment": "location"
It sent sucess.
But i can not know how to add events with body same it into java.("Not using posman"). I want using Restful API. Please help me thank you


Hello, unfortunately that is more of Java question rather than Countly.
Countly has regular REST HTTP API, so you just need to explore the ways how to make HTTP requests with your language/environment.
Unfortunately I don't know how, maybe someone else here will, but usually it is quite specific to what you are using.


Thank you .I ask because I don't know how to add seggment into json with type event and sent it to server. I can't find source code using java with REST HTTP API from github countly. It only android,ios and js.


We are writing our SDK with Java support but it will take a few weeks to get it done, if that will help.