Can sdk force use post method?


Can sdk force use post method?
I want to do some develop of server side,but now it just support HTTP POST.
So I want to know If it can support or how


We have many SDKs - which SDK is your question affiliated with?


May by each. Now I just try python and android,but if I really use it,I will need most or each sdk have this function


As far as I know, Web, NodeJS and iOS SDK already support forcing post only :slight_smile:


At the moment the android sdk uses HTTP POST only if the string that contains the data intended for the server exceeds 2000 characters. I'll try to add a feature that forces POST requests in the current release.


Good news,I hopely it very much.


and can IOT and python sdk support force http post?


We can force POST for Python SDK - do you have a good reason for this?