Can we use countly for angular 4


some one please help me to put the countly in angular 4



Please write in detail:

  • What you have done with Countly JS SDK (step by step)
  • What issues you faced (if any)
  • What are the device logs and server logs (if you can see them from Management > Error logs)


actually we are using countly for crash report analytics , so we chose countly for that . we are using angular 4 platform but i cannot integrate this countly SDK with my type script file i am unable to import countly ... share me some examples if you have for angular 4 or react it ll be help full for me thanks.


as far as I understood you have a web app. And from that point of view, you should use Countly Web SDK and just load it as external script. Overall it is framework agnostic with no dependencies.