Catalyst support? SPM support?


I have a couple of quick questions.

  1. Do I correctly assume that you guys will make your iOS SDK available as a Swift Package?
  2. When you do, will it support iPad apps on macOS (this is macOS running UIKit)?

Thanks in advance for any insights.

Hey @skellogg - glad you are interested in this. Our iOS SDK is written in Objective-C and can be used in Swift apps. We support iOS, TvOS, MacOS platforms with the same SDK. My colleague @erkanyildiz may provide more information on this.

Thanks for your reply! Yes, I had seen that the current SDK supports macOS. This, however is a new flavor of macOS support that will probably require specific support. It's the ability to quickly convert an iPad app (running UIKit) into a mac app (which would previously had run AppKit).

This will probably require some work on's part to allow your iOS build to run on a mac without all of the IF/THEN code that is probably there to swap in AppKit instead of UIKIT.

The Swift Package Manager is basically an Apple built new package manager that will replace CocoaPods for Swift apps.

Thanks, @skellogg .. We are usually very responsive to customers' new SDK requests and implement them. Let's see what @erkanyildiz has to say :slight_smile:

will make your iOS SDK available as a Swift Package

While docs are not so clear, I see that Swift Package Manager supports Objective-C source also. So, we may consider supporting it. Only problem would be semantic versioning required by SPM, as we are using Ubuntu style.

will it support iPad apps on macOS

This should not require any extra steps on your iPad app source. But we will be handling required changes on our SDK, like disabling unsupported features on macOS if any.