Countly can't tracking in all location


Hi all. I create new account in Countly Enterprise trial . It talk me choice location when create.I choice service Singapore Service. I using SDK tracking location,event .. from user. But user from US or UK i can't tracking it. I only tracking in VietNam,Singapore... How to i tracking user from UK,US...I want tracking all user in all location. How can i do that. Do I use a trial version that is limited to regions? If I upgrade it will solve it


as far as I know service location is only used for service accessibility (example, customers from China can't access google hosted servers) and faster access to server (the near service is to you, the faster is the connection).
But it should not limit tracking users from some specific countries or regions, you should be able to receive traffic from all over the world in all of the servers.

Can you maybe share more or share a screenshot?

Also, just to note, by default Countly determines location by IP address and resolves it through that.


Thank you. When i used device IOS and sent event with link it work but if i used it not work. It throw me error : 502 bad gateway nginx .And and only login with domain asia

  1. Do you have created app in server and did you use correct app_key?
    if yes
  2. We had problems with server yesterday, but I think they are fixed now, maybe that was the case?


Thank you. I had sent event to both and I think it problem server :slight_smile: