Countly Dashboard Doesn't Match the Data



I have pulled an app where I want to specifically see the user numbers. According to Countly built-in Dashboard, I have 24 Totals Users, 24 New Users, and Zero Returning Users. However, the numbers below this dashboard are not matching up, with the exception of New Users. I actually have 67 Total Users and 43 Returning Users. Why is the Countly Dashboard for Users in Analytics not properly synching?

I am using the Community Edition V17.05.1


can you provide a screenshot, that would make it easier to understand the specific use case.



The Countly dashboard for Users in Analytics is not displaying the data correctly in the community edition (possible it may not be the only one). I am uncertain I would call that a specific use case when a built-in piece of the Countly Platform functionality is not working as designed or expected; this looks more like a bug. If you look at the Dashboard section then look at the numbers below, they are incorrect.


Ok, let's imagine you have only one unique user.
And he uses your app every day.
So for 19 Oct Total users will be 1
for 20 Oct Total users will be 1
for 21 Oct Total users will be 1

And Total users for the whole period would also be one, because you have only one user.
And if you add up all users in the table below, it would not match the total count, because in the table below data is displayed for that day specifically.

Could it be the same case you are presenting?


No, the dashboard should show the cumulative number for the date period set and regardless of what day it is, that number on the dashboard is wrong.


By dashboard you mean the big numbers at the top, correct?
If yes, then I am telling that they specify numbers for selected period. So in total you have 24 users, and then underneath there is a breakdown of how those users used your app by day.


Yes, but if you look at the data, the numbers are wrong. How do I have 0 Returning Users for the period but there are numbers below?


It can happen in the case when selected period is equal or larger than data collected for your app.
So if you only start collecting data from 19th of October, then all your users for that period are new and none of them are returning, because they all used your app in that period for the first time.


If I choose a start date and an end date, I should see all of the data in the dashboard as reflected by the daily numbers below the dashboard (seen in the screenshot I attached). I see data in the log, but the dashboard is reflecting the number as a zero when there are returning users in that period.

May I request Gorkem look into the issue?


Per your screenshot, there is, for example, returning user for period 21st of October. Because user who had session in 21st of October, had session before too.
But for period from 19th of October to 21st of November there are no returning users, as all of them are new for this period. And none of them had a session before 19th of October.

But, sure, if you want, we may add @gorkem to discussion :slight_smile:


Let me just try adding my last 2 cents on the matter.

So the big numbers are for your selected period. For the whole period 19th October - 21st November.
0 returning users means none of the previous users that had sessions before 19th October, had any sessions in period from 19th of October to 21st of November. All users for this period were new.

And in the table, you can treat that data as your selected period divided in sub periods and each row represents data for this sub period specified in the first column.

So the big numbers are not just sum of numbers in the table. Sum of the data in the table would be sessions, but we are talking about users

But rather those big numbers show you in total overview of the period, where you can easily conclude that there were only 24 users for selected period, some of them had multiple sessions during that period and all of them are new users.

Hope that helps