Countly Load Balancer


Hello ,

Im new to Countly , Does Countly Community edition have any alternative for load balancer ?

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load balancer is out of scope of Countly. You can check high availability setup here:

but point is, you would have load balancer before multiple Countly servers in your setup


Hello @ar2rsawseen,

Just curious, I have seen the difference between Enterprise Edition and Community Edition on this link. Regarding the High availability deployment, is there any specific reason why it aimed for Enterprise Edition ?


Hi @alexius

Countly Community Edition is not a supported software, but Countly Enterprise Edition is. Hence, if you want to go with Community Edition (which is fine), your would have to implement your own load balancer with the help of documentation on the internet. Enterprise Edition, when purchased, comes with support directly from Countly or its partners.

For more information about differences between two editions in terms of support and other items, please check this: