Countries Reporting under Analytics


How does Countly determine where an app is being used for the Country report? Does it use the area code of the phone number? The physical location based on location services? Or is it based on the device user's zip code on file with the phone carrier?

The reason why I ask has to do with reporting value. Three of us used the same app but one person was physically located in Hartford, Connecticut the day we tested it. That was only 3 days ago so I should have saw it on the 7 Day report but it was not there when I looked at the North America map. However, the user's hometown but and she did not use the app there. Any insight on how the Country report is created would be helpful.


so by default, if no additional data is provided, then Countly determines location by IP address using Maxmind's free database.
But you can also set Country and City through SDK or provide location property with user coordinates.


Also, check this FAQ for more information:

As we use an IP to city/country conversion, sometimes this data cannot be converted properly since not all IP locations are known.


This is helpful. Thank you!


One additional question. I noticed when I look at the cities report, there are sessions logged but no users. Why does that happen?

I would think if a session is logged there must be a user associated with it.


This sounds like a bug, can you provide a screenshot how does it look for you?


I have provided two screenshots, both for the same app. I sorted them so it was easier to see what I'm talking about. One screenshot has all the data, but the other shows sessions with no users.


Ok, it is possible that total user correction does not work for cities.

If you select period, which does not contain today (like yesterday), does it still show 0?


The period for this report I sent the screenshots for is the month of March. The February report showed the same thing too.


I just manually pulled the data points from the map report for the month of April and saw the same issue with entries logging sessions but zero users. According to the data, the App has 1006 Total Users in April. When I manually pulled the map report, the data is only showing me 987 Total users. I also see a small variance in the Total Sessions 7070 from the report-7037 on the map. For New Users, 678 but on the map I get 665. Did your team investigate any further as to why this issue exists? It doesn't make sense the sessions exist without users.


Yes, so user is logged on begin_session=1 requests
Location is updated more often.
so if City was changed during the same session, currently it would have 0 users and added session to the city.
As data is aggregated we can't backtrack. One of the options could be to record location also only on session starts. We will think on this more.