Crash reporting not shown in Errors


I am trying to post crash report on using postman. Error is shown under Management -> Event Logs, but not under Errors.
It is a Web application.
Sample data:{_os=windows 7,_os_version=7,_error=Null pointer error,_nonfatal=false,_logs=stack trace/n line number 25}

Can you help me how to post to errors? am I missing anything here...

Thanks in advance


if your request is exactly like that, then there will be a problem parsing crash property, as it is not correctly encoded json string. It should be like:{"_os":"windows 7","_os_version":7,"_error":"Null pointer error","_nonfatal"=false,"_logs"="stack trace/n line number 25"}

you can validate it at:


Thank you for quick reply.
I tried with correctly encoded json string, still, it is not appeared in Errors page.


Can you provide app name on us try, I will check


Hi, I got the solution,
Along with mandatory fields, i included "_app_version" also, then I could see crash report in Errors.
Or, did you fix anything?


No, did not fix anything, good catch, I will add it to things Events logs should check and output :slight_smile: