Custom Events not tracking


I fire custom event from my Web-application :

                key: "web.formSubmit." + pageName

But don't see its in Events on *** I see custom events on EVENT LOGS but don't see on Events>All Events
I use:
Application Name: Clienteer - Ukraine
Application Type: Desktop (because we agregate info from desktop application and web)

I thought problem in Application Type, but when I changed type to Web - problem was not solved.
When I used demo custom events was worked.


Are there any errors you see in Event logs?


I think you have reached limit for unique event keys, which is 500

You can increase this limit under Management -> Configurations -> API -> Max unique event keys
but you can't increase it indefinitely, eventually if you have too many events, it would clog loading your UI for events.


Yes, I see the next:
Problems occurred:
Crash missing _os property
App is not web type, but receives data from Web SDK

When I switch to Web type application this message disappear, but custom event still doesn't show in Events>All Events


I cannot see item Configurations in my Management menu


You need to be a Global Admin to see that