Data Migration - Error Plugins Activation


I try to activate the plugins data migration on my countly community edition, but an error appears (as you can see below):

Processing changes
This might take a whileHold on


Error occurred
error 504: 504 Gateway Time-out Gateway Time-out The gateway did not receive a timely response from the upstream server or application. Gateway Time-out Try again later

I need help plz


Is data migration the only plugin you enabled. It is possible that when enabling/disabling lots of plugins simultaneously, it would take too much time to complete in one request.
In either way, the process still should complete successfully and restart process. So after some time when your dashboard becomes active again, the plugin should be enabled.

What is your situation now?


Yes it is the only plugin i enabled.
My situation has not evolved since yesterderay. Still the same issue


So what do you mean?
Dashboard is not loading at all? or what?


When I want to activate the plugin, the error message appears and the plugin did not install. Same issue when I restart the dashboard (everything works perfectly, excepted the plugin activiation)


ok, it seems plugin enabling is stuck somewhere,
can you check countly/log/countly-api.log if there are any errors there.

Or you can try enabling plugin through command line:

countly plugin enable data_migration
countly upgrade