Debug logs from application


Hey there,

I'm currently looking into using Countly and what I want to do might be nothing Countly (or Analyitcs in general) is meant for - not sure. But I'm wondering if it is possible to attach a simple textfile (or a very long string) in an custom event of some type.
Basically I'd like to send the complete debug log output I have in my Application, e.g. in case of certain crashes, or when the user wants to report a problem. So in the end I would like to have a custom event where the user can describe the problem and when he sends it, it automatically attaches the output of the application to help me analyse the problem based on the (already existing) debug logs I have in place as textfile/string.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


probably not exactly what you want, but with each crash you can submit a log, it was mostly designed as breadcrumb, so SDK internally collects stuff you put in your app, like user clicked button A, user did this, user did that, and upon crash, it would attach this log collected through whole app session.
But I think it can be reused in similar matter to what you require, just submit whole debug log before you submit handled crash? Does that sound something that might work for you?


Thanks for your reply!

So could I just add the complete log to a crash/custom event? Is there a character limit?


It would only work with crashes and there is no limit, afaik.

For custom events it would not really work that way, mostly due to db limitations on how data is stored in event segments.