Don't receive push notifications on iOS with Cordova SDK


Hello guys! We've got a problem with receiving iOS push notifications(We work with Cordova SDK). We set APN Auth key and after that we initialize device, receive registration id from APN, but still can't' receive notifications on device.

Commands we used:

Countly.initMessaging({"messageMode": Countly.messagingMode.PRODUCTION, "projectId": "gcm_id"})
var push = PushNotification.init({
    android: {
        senderID: "gcm_id"
    ios: {
        alert: "true",
        badge: "true",
        sound: "true"
push.on('registration', function(data) {
        "registrationId": data.registrationId,
        "mode": Countly.messagingMode.PRODUCTION,
        "projectId": "gcm_id"

   console.log(data.registrationId) // here we get registrationId

On dashboard we have something like this

Could you help with it?


Ok, I will make a video tutorial to demonstrate push implementation with SDK js.



Please create an issue to better handle this request.



Ok, I will create an issue in Cordova SDK github!


@trinisofttechnologie Here is the issue


@trinisofttechnologie Hello!

When could we get this tutorial?



Please look at this link


and the issue that was created.

A tutorial is provided to walk through push notification.