Don't register ios users push notification ionic


After your update of .ts file the android users registration is ok iOs no i have no error message i get the token

and i configured the server countly


Yes, I am working on it.

Sorry, there are no push-enabled users for specified options IONIC
Reception problem of rich notification android IONIC

I have tested it again.

You don't have to use FCM on iOS.

Leave the config blank for 'GoogleService-Info.plist'
and don't include GoogleService-Info.plist

Remove the existing platform

Re add it, and run it.


I had the same problem with ios even I realized the changes you asked me.

here is the apn token:


Oh, so on iOS you are still facing an issue.

This is not a good place for your issue.

There are 3 - 4 questions on the forum.


Can you create a issue here:

and I will look into it.


We can also get on a telco call / remote access and fix your problem on it.


I created the issue:


I had no answer for this issue :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:


I had this error message I do know if he can inpact the execution ??


the problem in this function add in the last update is not allowed by ios divice
which generated this authorization error


The server (that the POST request is sent to) needs to include the Access-Control-Allow-Headers header (etc) in its response . Putting them in your request from the client has no effect.

This is because it is up to the server to specify that it accepts cross-origin requests (and that it permits the Content-Type request header, and so on) – the client cannot decide for itself that a given server should allow CORS.