Export Data Not The Same as Onscreen Data


When I perform a Drill on Event the data in the chart and the table below it look like what I am after (background in screenshot), but when I use the Export feature, I seem to get a completely unrelated set of data (foreground). All of my drill info and none of the data are at all what is displayed onscreen in the chart or table. It doesn't matter if I choose .csv, .xls, or .json. Does anyone else have this issue?


yes, I can reproduce it. It seems while graph type selected is pie chart or bars, it still exports data for timeline and uses data from timeline table.

Creating internal ticket for this issue.


Thank you co much. I look forward to the resolution.


we have fixed the issue and your instance was patched (you may need to clear your browser cache though).

For the reference fix is here:

And will be available in next closest release


That does appear to be working now, thanks. I notice that the data seemed to be capped at 10 entries for that type of drill, regardless of how many entries there may actually have been. For example, if I am doing a drill By Headline of all of my articles, there are way more than 10. Is it possible for the tabular data and the export to get at all articles without this restriction?


Yes, doing that kind of query puts a strain on database and might make you downloading larger amount of data.
But this config is configurable, and you can change it under Management -> Configurations -> Drill -> Limit result in query with BY