Filtering applicable to visitors?


Hey guys,

in our test account, I have set up filters to prevent bots from skewing statistics:

For example:

But in the visitors menu, the excluded bots still show up with 0 sessions:

It also seems that they count as data points, don't they?
Is there any possibility to 100% exclude them from getting tracked?



so all the new information incoming is blocked, but if they already have users in your system, they remain. They just don't count towards, session, events, etc.


Hi Arturs,

not really.
Visitors with browser "PingdomBot" are still created (-> "First seen") although the expected result would be that they are filtered:


Right, that is filtering by user properties.
Some segments, including browser, are set on session start only. And the rest of requests won't contain that information anymore. So to be able to block all the rest of requests, we need to create relation, that for this device_id browser is this. And thus need to create the document. But the data should not be counting for those users.

I think better would be to block them on SDK side:

I will add PingdomBot and some others new I have seen in SDK


Awesome, thanks a lot!!