Google Maps API KEY


I could not find any documentation about it:
Where I place my Google Maps API KEY?

I installed a fresh instance on Digital Ocean.
Everything is fine, except this issue:


Hello, should be under Management -> Configurations -> Frontend -> Google Maps Javascript API key

Yeah, I expected that would be there, but don't:

I'm using the Community Edition.

You are correct, it might not be released in community edition yet. But the release should come soon :slight_smile:

I found a way to workaround this:
Open /usr/local/countly/frontend/express/public/javascripts/countly/countly.config.js


    * Append Google Maps API KEY to map framework requests URL.
    * @type {string}
    countlyGlobal.config.google_maps_api_key = "API_KEY_HERE";

Restarted Countly and Done!

Wow, nice workaround :slight_smile:

Yeah if you have the latest code that includes this commit:

then it would work