Heatmaps not working


Heatmaps are not showing up on the countly dashboard for web. Countly.q.push(['track_clicks']); and Countly.q.push(['track_scrolls']); are included in code, but when I go to Analytics > Page Views > Action maps nothing shows up, not even the options at the top of the screen.

It's enterprise edition and it's a HTTPS countly instance and HTTPS content.

What could be wrong?


Hello, what version of Web SDK and version of Countly Server do you have?
Maybe it is a server mismatch their
Other point, can you check the console log/ developer tools on the page that was supposed to have the action maps? Are there any errors there?


Hello, thanks for the quick response! It's the latest Web SDK from https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/countly-sdk-web/latest/countly.min.js and the trial Countly server, not seeing any errors in console


Hi @ar2rsawseen and @catkav - We are checking this internally now. Thank you for your patience @catkav :slight_smile: