How to get Generation Time for a Page

We testing the timed events API for get a generation time of a single page, but the variable "dur" do not return any value.

How to get the generation time of a page through this API or in the best possible way?


can you provide a code of what you are trying to achieve?

Page loading time measuring in SDK is planned together with server's APM feature/plugin, which is as far as I know in development.

While our API doesn't currently provide page generation speed data, you may want to use Boomerang for this and report this data as a custom event to Countly over Countly JS SDK


I did not find any more recent information about this in this forum so I revive the topic. I hope it does not bother you.

I don't know if, two years after, there is anything new about the Generation Time for webpages but I did not find how to easily get it on the Community Edition. Is there any feature of the Enterprise Edition that allow us to have this data? Or do we still need to use another tool as Boomerang?

Thank you

Hi @tga - still Boomerang is the only option here. It is not asked frequently so haven't included in the roadmap.

Ok, thanks for your answer.