Image/Screenshot support


Hey there once more :slight_smile: does Countly provide functionalities to upload images to the database to later use/link them in e.g. crash reports or custom events etc.? In some cases we would like to have the user take a screenshot and be able to create a bug report or similar things attaching it.


This is actually a really interesting question which can turn into feature request.
Currently the only place where we allow images from SDK side is User Profile pictures.
The next place where we planned them would be Views, so we could have click/action/etc maps.

Adding them to crashes is interesting case and I technically should be possible, but from usability point of view, crash requires error/stack trace and you won't have it in your app at that time to provide one.

But I like the idea, we just need to formulate this feature better.


I agree, that it makes more sense for Views. For crashes I'm more thinking to use it for something like a bug report feature.

In any case a simple API to upload images and retrieve the URL would be great, as this way it could be used in multiple ways, by just adding the URL to the information when and where required. Of course having it as a deeper integrated option for something like views is a perfect next step :slight_smile:


I think the main point here, you would want to know from where this image comes from, to whom it belongs, thus maybe a good idea would be to allow to add images to specific users, and then link them in other places, as crash report, etc.

But in overall, I get the idea and we will think more on it


One thing we want to keep away from is the privacy issues, and such screenshots may reveal critical and sensitive information about end user. My 2c.