Install on Debian?


Hello all,

After checking out Countly, I would like to install it on my Debian system with Nginx.
I did a few Google searches, and there was user who successfully installed on it.
Due to it lack of documentation, I'm unable to install Countly.

Can somebody share your steps ?



so what is wrong with instructions provided there?
Is anything particular isn't working for you?



I tried both methods: sudo su -
wget -qO- | bash

and used the .tar file from Github for the installation and tried with the above instructions, but I can’t get it to start.

Fyi: I’m not using port 80.

Installation dir: /opt/countly/
Countly supervisor: /tmp/countly-supervisor

My Nginx config is similar like this:

Do have to install MongoDB too ?
What else do I have to change on Debian system ?


What you should do is to go over our installation scripts one by one and find the lines that don't work in Debian. We don't support Debian out of the box, as some of the packages are specific to Ubuntu. You should find them and change them accordingly. Unfortunately we don't have any plans to support Debian.


I assume you referring to the installation scripts in /bin/.., right ?

This script is to check RAM:

I think this code line should be fix: > if [ -f $DIR/ ]; then

bash $DIR/ 2>&1 | tee $DIR/../log/countly-install-$DATE.log

The file name: should be change to '', otherwise it not going to execute on a non Ubuntu/Centos system.

The only script that I think is suitable for the installation is this:


Yes, starting from, you should check every sh script under bin directory.


I made all the changes accordingly and modified the supervisor file, but still got error:

Failed to start countly-supervisor.service: Unit countly-supervisor.service not found.

Edit: After I installed supervisor into Debian system, I got the countly-supervisor running, but I can't get to the web page.

502 Bad Gateway


There could be several reasons to this. I suggest that you check this troubleshooting guide for a general overview of what you should check if there is an issue:


I've spent too much time for this installation, but can't get it to work.


True, it takes a lot of time to make it work on Debian, and it requires some level of Debian-specific information.