Integrate to desktop java application


We have a Desktop java application (Written in Eclipse RCP, standalone application). How do I integrate Countly to it. We were using Telerik Analytics before. I don't see any document to integrate to desktop java application.
Any help would be appreciated.


Hello. One of my colleagues have sent you an email on this. Many thanks!


Hello Gorkem,
We are creating an Alexa application with java. We want to use countly but can not find java sdk. Can we find support on this topic?


Hi Sümeyye

We are currently writing our Java SDK. Do you have an estimate about when you require this SDK?


Actually till November we have to make our product ready, do you think it should be ready?


We can make it in November, for you - hope that works? Please get in touch with us beforehand about your roadmap so we can fit in our roadmap too, and sync with you in parallel. My email is gc at .