Integrating countly user dashboard into larger web site



We would like to integrate the Countly dashboard into a larger web site that already has user sign-on. Is there a guide that explains how to do this kind of integration? Any advice is welcome.

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I would suggest that you start from here:

By "user sign on" - do you mean, you are looking forward to having a SSO integration, or do you mean that this web page accepts users with login information?


Hi Gorkem, Thanks for the response. I'm interested in SSO for a web app and the countly dashboard - when a user signs in to our system, I want them to be able to access the countly dashboard without using a separate sign in.


Thanks - we can do SSO between your web app and Countly dashboard. I have sent a separate email to your colleague and discussing it there.


Hi Gorkem,

Want to do pretty much the same.
Do you recommend using ?


Hi Boris - yes, that should be pretty much what you need.