iOS SDK- Disable and Remove Push Notifications Entirely

Is it possible to easily disable/remove push notifications and remove the need to reference any associated frameworks? Maybe in a similar manner to excluding the IDFA? At first glance I cannot see that this is easily achievable with the current SDK. Maybe I am missing something. Any pointers/assistance appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks @morphous - I believe your question is for iOS SDK. CC'ing my colleague @erkanyildiz to this thread.

Many thanks for your quick response @gorkem

Hi @morphous - we don't have this feature but may I ask what your use case and need for this particular request is please? A detailed use-case will really help us understand if we could be implementing or suggest another way.

Many thanks.

Hi @gorkem. We have now implemented this feature since it was essential for our needs. If there is anyway to take this offline, I will detail this use case for your consideration. Cheers.

Do yo mean remove push notifications support from your app?

Yes. And, remove the need to compile with the UserNotifications framework. As I say, we have achieved this now by amending the SDK. For further details, please get in touch.

Yes, please - can you provide it as a PR please to our Github repo so my colleague can look at it?

Appreciate your support here and have a great week ahead!