Limited steps in flows

I implement countly for Mobile app.
Countly was started at the start app and stop at destroying app.

From start to stop, I tracked a lot of steps with event and view. But in the web countly manage only display maximum 10 step. I want to display all.

What is the solution for me

Hi @letruonglamit - currently Flows is limited to 10 steps only, but we are working on it to make sure it is more useful for some use-cases. Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

Hi @gorkem Thanks for your answer.

I have a question. I applied Countly in React Native project. In the functions support by Countly: start(), stop(), startSession(), stopSession(). You can clarify for me detail what is the difference between start() and startSession(), what is the difference between stop() and stopSession().


startSession and stopSession no longer exists.

They are old methods where you could handle the session manually.

It is no longer there, I will remove that from the doc and sdk.

Please use start and stop.