Number of visits per hour of the day / day of the week


How can I view the number of visits (or sessions, it does not matter) per:

  • hours of the day
  • days of the week ?

The purpose is to identify the best time slots for posting content.

Many thanks in advanced


Hello Emilie,

This will be a part of our upcoming release, to be released next month. You will be able to select a particular event (or session), and then view hours of day and days of the week graph similar to a bubble graph so you can see who has been doing a particular event or logged in to your application. However you can also view this data from your main dashboard too (for visits) or from your Events page (for a particular visit).



Many thanks Gorkem for your quick reply.

When you write

Do you mean this is already alvaible ? If so, how can I set up my dashboard ("overview"?) to view this information ?
Many thanks,


When you select a day, you can view sessions or visits from your dashboard (main page). When you select a week (7-days) from main dashboard, you can view sessions or visits again the same way.