Overview menu,Dashboard is missing for type: Mobile


When I open Countly Overview menu it says " Dashboard is missing for type: Mobile
Please Install plugin here
change app type here ".
When I click to "change app type here" link, there is nothing on Application Type combo.
Before this error this combo was "Mobile,Web, vs.."
What is the reason for this error?


Is it possible that someone disabled those plugins?

Can you check under Management -> Plugins that they are enabled or enable them if they are disabled?


Thank you for your fast return.
We did not disabled any plugins.
For error users There is only Applications, Users, Report Manager and Help under Management menu.
Also I forgot to write, we have 3 countly admins accesing this area. 2 days ago there was no problem. Yesterday morning one of my colleague got this error, the others was fine. Yesterday afternoon 2 of us got this error. Now 1 person accesing this screen with no error, the others getting this error.


I see,
so it is possible some load time javascript error prevents from plugins coming after that error to load their views.

Can you check the browser console/developer tools if there are any errors there?