Reception problem of rich notification android IONIC


I can receive the normal push notification and not the rich notications with images...
here you will find the format json of the notification


Ahh, I will have to check on this.

I will review this tomorrow morning, and update you on this.


OK I'm waiting for your return :grinning:


Please use this plugin for rich push notification

cordova plugin add

It has some bugs, but rich push notification shows.


same problem with rich notification it had a specific configuration ?? because always I received the notification without image or I received the title and the message (test ; test ) without image


Oh you will have to remove the current plug-in and add the one I gave you to have rich push.

It's a custom version of the community version.


yes I installed this plugin and I have not received the rich notification :frowning:


Ok, I will test it again.


with this json format I got push notification with image

"title": "test",
"message": 'Test', "picture":"",



Sorry, the code doesn't exists on that branch.

I will push it again.

I was sure I pushed it.

May be community plug-in has some git hooks while push.

And didn't went through.


It is updated now.

Please try now.


Hi, have you tried updating the sdk, and looked if that worked for you?


I have tested it again.

You don't have to use FCM on iOS.

Leave the config blank for 'GoogleService-Info.plist'
and don't include GoogleService-Info.plist

Remove the existing platform

Re add it, and run it....


yes now it works thank you


Please close the issues if it's resolved.



how can I close the issues ??