Regex for Funnels


In our url schema the following url is the settings page for user #596920:


I would like to track users that

  1. Visited a settings page (via page view, not event)
  2. Performed an action (via event)

With regular expressions I could catch the user number part of the url with [0-9]+. In Countly I only see the option of explicity using OR for every tracked user settings page. (see below)
Is there another, more efficient way?


So in development, we actually started adding simple regex support in Drill only, and it already brought up lots of problems and UI redesign :smiley:

In next version in Drill we will support contains operator for searching substrings, as a start for this. Currently I see it will be in Drill and all Drill inherited UIs, so global funnel filtering and user profiles, etc.

But currently it is not on Subfiltering UI, which is Cohorts and Funnel step filtering like you have. Currently contains is not implemented there, and I am not sure if it will be for this release or not, will need to check with developer tomorrow and let you know


Ok, it seems we will try to add contains operator to subfiltering UI too for the next version :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thanks a lot :smile:


@ar2rsawseen Any (rough) ETA for the release? :slight_smile:


We really hope to release this month :slight_smile: