Remove Limit on Event Compare Tool


Not really sure why there is even a cap on event comparison. There should be A) a total usage comparison (besides 'Overview'), and B) no limit on how many events I can compare simultaneously. I would rather have to wait for a bit to have the data collated and returned to me, than have incomplete information returned.


Hello! Thanks for suggesting this. Do you have a (real world) use-case where you have to compare 11 events or more at the same time? If there is an example you can share with us, that would be great.


Hi gorkem,

Yes, as a User Experience Designer I use to understand user behaviors & needs. I am currently trying to understand which of our 'Events' are most utilized in order to understand which features may be most valuable to new users first being introduced to the app through an onboarding process. For this, I really need to see how nearly all of the events we've set up (20+) compare to each other collectively. While it's nice to be able to only compare 1 or 2 events, I really need the ability to see the whole picture collectively. More information is always more valuable - and I never mind waiting for the data to load. (I'd also love to see the caps on Flow depths removed as well, but I didn't add a feature request for it.) The power of Analytics to impact UX Design is huge - it's one of the areas I've always felt Gooogle Analytics was lacking. I'm hoping will be the platform that changes that.


Thanks for this. I have passed this information to our development team. That said, we will discuss about this internally and let you know if / when we decide to implement.

Have a great weekend!


Hi gorkem,

Thank you for the quick response! I appreciate you passing this along to your team.