Server-to-Server API

Is it possible to use countly only as data analytics? I.e. periodically upload some users and events data from an external system "server-to-server" like this works with Baremetrics, Amplitude and others?


Hi @nickch - sure, we have write API for this purpose. Depending on your use-case, you can check the Countly API here:

Are you going to use Community Edition or Enterprise Edition? Asking since some of the API endpoints may not be available (or ignored) in Community Edition.

Let us know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Thank you @gorkem!
Currently we use the Amplitude service for analyse our statistics data. Nothing new - our server collect raw data and periodically upload it in POST request to Amplitude API :slight_smile: For a some of reasons we want to try Countly server (Community Edition for now) and upload our raw data to both API at the same time.
As I understand, I can include all event properties in json object and pass it as field 'events' in a call the core API method GET /i request? Right?


Sure, via Countly write API, you can include all event properties in JSON object in a call. You can do your tests and let us know what happens :slight_smile: