Set and use UserTag in free version on self-host



We use the free version on self-host

We can not set tag for users in mobile apps,
this my Code(Android):


but this dose not work

Also, we can not get tags from send push:
response error: no Audience

Someone can help us


sorry but user profiles is Enterprise Edition only feature.

About push, @artem would be the best to answer.


Here I am. That error says there are no users for such a segmentation you provided in request.


This code:


works correctly on the try server

We have this opption right now?(I mean, it's possible to set tags for users and send messages to a person or people with specific tags) If we have what to do?



Please answer my question


Yes, you can do that. You can set properties for users and based on properties, you can send push notifications. However you don't have this option in Community Edition, only in Enterprise Edition.