Sorry, there are no push-enabled users for specified options IONIC


I integrated the phonegap push and plugins into my ionic project , I configured the push server and I get the push token . I still have this problem No user can enable push for the specified options.


Thanks. I have asked my colleague to check this.


There are 2 types of push token.

Are you sure you are using dev vs production push token.

Are you using the sample example?

In the countly reply.


yes by default countly recorded the push token in production mode here is my code I have no error and I have to import the file countly.ts in my project ionic for the tracker it's good for the push no


this is the function that records the push token



Or this is not updated.

Let me update the ts file.
This is old version of push notification.
This is deprecated.



Here is the issue, please keep yourself update from the above link.

Will take a day to complete this work.



yes I noticed that the function is not up to date with version 18.08.2 thank you very much I'm waiting for the update


I have a comment about that I think it wrong to update because is not up to date and is not functionable I still have a problem with this messaging mode me I always pass 0 directly for the production mode


I have updated only push notification method.

So you can use it at the moment.

I will update the reset of the SDK later on.


push.on('registration', function (data: any) {
    "token": data.registrationId,
    "messagingMode": self.countly.messagingMode.DEVELOPMENT



now the problem is solved Thanks

I think you have to remove this

It's normal that I received the notification after a minute or more at a certain time I didn't receive it !!??


Oops I have removed it but not pushed sorry.

Thanks for reminding me.

I will update again.


I receive the notification instantaneously, when I was testing it.

But you can review on this with Gorkem or Erkan.



Not exactly sure what you meant by this, however it is normal for push notifications to arrive later, and not immediately. If this persists, please let us know.


No now i receive notifications instantly it's great thank you very much for your help i really appreciate it


now i have the same problem with iOs i get the fcm token and it didn't register the users :frowning:


Ok, reviewing it.

I rested it last time and it was working.

Oh it's ionic, I will review it.

It's tested on Cordova.


yes with ionic I tested it and did not working the user registration with iOS. the problem in record ,everything is configured and i have the token fcm