Total visitors count is not updating



I have integrated countly sdk to my app. Before the visitors count was updating properly. But now its not getting updated. I guess there is some issue with appKey because when I change the appKey to appKey of some other app the visitor count updates. So can you please look into this ?

Thank you.


Hi Sharma

I am not sure I get the point... I understand that it was working well and then something changed and it doesn't. Do you remember or know what has been changed in your server?

An Appkey is specific to an application. App keys on the app should always match with app keys on the server.


Hello Sir,
Thanks for the reply.

I didn't change anything.. I have got 2 apps on server. I know there exists different appKey for different applications. So I added a test app and thought of using its appKey to verify is there any issue with countly sdk. But it works fine with my new appKey, which means sdk is proper. But for my old appKey it doesn't( session count gets incremented only visitors count will not update).

Thank you.


Can you check your timezone? If you are on a different time zone than the application then you will see things in a delayed "view".


Both timezone are same: India Standard Time


Hello :slight_smile:
So are you on server or your own server? As if it would be try, we could easily check ourselves, what is going on.

Other than that, the common pitfalls are:
SDK requests are blocked (Check under Management -> Blocking Requests, if you have any blocks added)
SDK requests are not reaching the server or incorrect app key (Check under Management -> Event Logs, if there are any requests recorded)


Hello Sir :slight_smile:
We are using our own server.

I was tracking event logs in management tab as you told. I could see that, it records the events properly.


So data is incoming in Event Logs, but is not populating in the dashboard, etc?


Yes, only total visitors count is not updating, other events gets updated properly.


can you maybe share a screen shot of what exactly view you are talking about?

For example, if you select period as a year, and then the same users are using your app, no new users, your total visitors would never increase, it would always be the same number for selected period.



I set period as today. I launched the app for the first time. Visitor count should increase right as I am the new user for today???
But it is not increasing...


Yes, in this case it should
Is it a public page? Can you specify a link, so we could check tracking code implementation?
If not, can you share it here, replacing app_key and server values, for security purposes


Its not a public page. What do you want me to share actually? Code implementation for initialising countly?
I can share screenshot of what page I am talking about.


Yes, basically the code you used in website.
For example, maybe you are not calling track_sessions, or have a hardcoded device_id, etc



Finally could find out why it is not working but very strange.
I have configured countly with deviceId = CLYOpenUDID. If I comment this line, it gets posted, else will not post visitors count.
Why so????
Because same code was working fine when I integrated countlySDK at the beginning.

Thank You


Unfortunately it is really hard to comment, as I still don't understand the issue. In your screenshot for period "today", you have 8 visitors. If same visitor opens app again, it would not be counted again for that day, only increasing sessions.

Also to not your screenshot states Visitors, which means you have selected App type as Web under Management -> Applications.

But in your code = CLYOpenUDID, seems like an iOS constant. So are you using mobile app? Maybe you need to switch app type to mobile in Countly too?



Thanks for the reply.
I am using mac-desktop app. Before there was no option like desktop, so i set it as Web.


I see, there is actually desktop app type now, if not available, check Management -> Plugins and enable Desktop plugin. Or try Mobile app type, it should perform in more standard way, because for Web type, lots of information is processed from user agent strings provided from browser, and they won't be available in custom SDK calls.



Yes, now desktop-appType is available, but when I created app in the countly it was not available, so i set it as web.

Yes, as you told, now I can change it to desktop app type. But i want to know "Whether changing app type will cause any data loss? Will it erase existing analytics data?"

Thank you very much.


It won't delete anything, but new incoming information will be processed a bit differently