Unable to see events in 'Flows'


We have implemented Countly Enterprise into an Ionic application, and have a number of custom events that are triggered. These events show up under the Countly 'Events' page and everything seems to be working as expected, however our 'Flows' page always just says "There are no custom events to visualize for this period". This happens regardless of what period is selected, including when the same period shows there are custom events that have come in.

Is there a minimum number of events or a level of standard behavior that needs to occur before it can be turned into a Flow?



Hi, Can you check the DB records contains flows data? like this in screenshot:

And open app related "[CLY]_session" collection, filter with


There suppose to be some document contains flows sequence array

If no filtered result, then means no related flows data so far.

Then you can check if it has some ignored events in flow setting:

One more thing you also can check is logs on server, in

{countly root folder}/logs/countly-api.log

To track it contains flows plugin related error or not.


Thanks for the info. Found something in the server logs:

MongoError: The 'cursor' option is required, except for aggregate with the explain argument.

It looks like this may be related to the version of MongoDB we are running (3.6). Do you know of any version compatibility between Countly and MongoDB we should be aware of? I am unable to find anything in the documentation. We are running Countly 18.04.


Yes, I think then you need to upgrade to Countly 18.08.1, we support MongoDB 3.6 only from that version.