Universal certificate (p12) is already uploaded


I want to replace the p12 certificate with a P8 key file because the p12 is not working. But Countly gives this message and won't let me update to a P8 even though a popup says the edits have been saved. The message: "Universal certificate (p12) is already uploaded" if right below the Choose File button:


@artem For your information.


Hi, what do you mean by "won't let me update"? Could you elaborate a bit?


I think what he did is:

  • Try to update P8 file
  • Countly opens a popup and edits have been saved
  • But there is still a message "Universal certificate p12 is already uploaded"

I suppose P8 file is not updated as per what I understand from @belliott's message.


Well, I couldn't reproduce this. So we need more details.


(Update for others visiting this question, this is being handled via Slack channel. If you have the same problem, please write here so we can update)