User Profile names are GUIDs


I am seeing some of my user profiles there the NAME is some kind of GUID instead of a text full name:


I populate the user profiles like this:

    let fullName = firstName + " " + lastName
    Countly.user().name = fullName as CountlyUserDetailsNullableString
    Countly.user().email = email as CountlyUserDetailsNullableString
    Countly.user().increment(by:"Login", value:1)
    if fbLogin == "fbauth" {
        Countly.user().set("LoginSource", value:"Facebook")
    else {
        Countly.user().set("LoginSource", value: "Password")


If I filter on "LoginSource" then the user profile all have good full names and not GUIDS. This is strange. It is almost like there is an alternate way of populating user profiles other than the code above. It is possibly due to the use of Filtering Rules ? But we don't have the plugin installed. (edited)


all users that do not have names assigned, display device_id in that place, to at least somehow identify user.
So all those users without GUIDS are users without any names provided


Ok, that makes sense but if you look at my Swift code you will see that the iOS code will always send the LoginSource custom property regardless of the value of the name. But in Countly there is no LoginSource custom property values for those user profiles that are GUIDs. Is this the way it is supposed to work?


so are you sure that you call this methods for each and every users?
Because from what I see, only some users get that, and others are without any info?
Maybe they are some older users from older app version that did not implement such property setting?
Or from other platforms?

But basically from Countly side, there seems to be users that does not have these properties set.


Thanks for the suggestions! I have checked into each option they don't seem to apply but aren't great ideas!

After looking over the Countly documentation though, Countly does seem to have provisions (filtering and such) for anonymous user profiles and linking those to events: . I did find an execution path where a new user is created in my app and Countly events are logged but the user profile calls are not made. So my guess is that Countly is as it says in their documentation that "Events and sessions tied to user") functionality creates an anonymous user to tie the events to. So I am changing the code to alway register the user profiles even when a new user is created.