User Profiles iOS App



we are using countly to track users for an enterprise iOS App that is only available to employees; i.e. all users are known to us as they have to log in with their company account.

Is there a way to base the "User Profile" view on those accounts rather than on sessions, location, device etc.?


you could set your internal user ID as device ID in the SDK, that way all users will be identified not by device, but by your internal user ID.

But if you dont want to change what you have already, you can use custom user properties to assign your own needed data to users and then use them in filters too.


Hi, thanks for the quick reply. Question: Is the user profile currently based on the device ID or how is it calculated?
So if someone uses the same device in two different locations/countries, will that be counted as the same "user profile" or as two separate ones? My impression is that it is the latter..?


Regarding this (as an addition to Arturs' previous reply), you can check how to send custom user profile information to Countly:


Thanks, I will check with our developers.


While it is the same device, then it should be the same user, apart from situation where app was reinstalled, cleared or device reset.