Using Period in APU with Events Method


I am using the Countly API to pull events data, like so:


But no matter what I put in for "period", I just get every day in the current month (i.e. November 2017). The documentations says period excepts:

month, 60days, 30days, 7days, yesterday, hour or [startMiliseconds, endMiliseconds] as [1417730400000,1420149600000]

But I see no difference in the data returned when I try these different period arguments. Anyone have any insights?


yes as data is stored in single document, it would pull the smallest possible set to cover your period, but it won't trim unnecessary data.
And smallest set is one year.
So for example, if now would be January, and you would request data fro 60 days, it would pull both this year and previous year data.


Thanks for the clarification. It really makes no sense to even offer a period filter if the rules of the filter are ignored, right? For example, why offer a [startMiliseconds, endMiliseconds] option if you are just going to bring in data before and after the start/end? It makes using this API to script data pulls to be used elsewhere almost useless. You need to pull all of the data every time, only to be filtered later.


The reason for having such period is that period format is the same for every request. And it makes sense for other request types, like this: