View users that enter the funnel instead of total users (on the funnels section)


When I create a funnel, I can see the total users for my app and then how may of them have entered the funnel. But I would like to have as total users the users who entered the funnel, so then I can see how many of them complete the funnel and where do the leave it.

For example, we have 1.000.000 total users. I have created a funnel for new users: when they download the app for the first time, they go trough an onboarding process with several screens. But only a 3% of the total users are new, so only 3% of them go through the funnel. The problem is that it's difficult to get a nice visual of the numbers because I need to mentally subtract the 97% left and only focus on the new users. Besides, the number is so small that I get a lot of 0% metrics.

Is there any possibility to change the base users on a funnel so it's not the total users but a subset of them?


Hello, this will be available in next release :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply ar2rsawseen! Is there a known date for the next release? :sunglasses:


That is possibly due next month.


Hi, was that feature released with the 19.02 version?


Yes, that is released with 19.02 version and you have the option to choose whether

  1. You want to see only the users entering the funnel .
  2. Or users entering the funnel alongside those who didn't enter.