Visits very high


I've installed countly as I've realised google analytics is being blocked by over 15% of the users to my site. I'm a little confused over visits. In Google I would have a session lasting half an hour, especially as are a video site it can be some time before they click the next page. I have amended the session/visit settings in the config section. I am seeing this in the realtime though:

US (Moravia) iOS Mobile Safari /videos Direct 18<<this being the visits

In some cases it's over 200. Is this the number of times one person has visited the site? If it is how would I change it to be more realistic?




so there are sessions which is user behavior, and there are visits, which relate to specific view.

Visits would be how much specific view was visited/loaded, while sessions are a bit more complex, involving inactivity time and multi tabbing, etc.

So what exactly do you mean, maybe you can provide a screenshot of Countly dashboard?