When receive Push Msg, sound logic do not work correctly



On dashboard, i send push msg to my app both sound check & no sound check.

In sound check case, When i receive push msg, I expected that call phone default sound or vibrate.

But, it didn't work

I added some logs in count.ly sdk source CountlyMessagingService.java.

Both case(sound check & uncheck), Only print log C.


Hello Cheon,
Sorry for such a late response. We are still new to this community forum and your message has been lost in email debris.

Do you still have this issue? In case you do, could you enable logging in Countly SDK and then attach logs tagged with "Countly" here? I mean logs of when you receive that message with sound.


Now, it works well.

maybe sdk version's issue.



Glad to know that. Let us know if you have any issues! :slight_smile: