Xamarin Forms (Android)


I notice there is Xamarin Forms (iOS), Xamarin (Android), and Xamarin.iOS SDK's.

I've created a new Xamarin Forms Android app, added the nuget package, but it's not recognizing the using CountlySdk statement.

Will the SDK's work with Xamarin Forms (Android)?


I've installed Nuget package CountlySDK.Xamarin.Android. I see it in the packages folder, but the using statement is greyed out.


There's also a "Countly" nuget package. When I click on the project page link, it says it's a windows library. Should I be using that one?


Ok, I added the "Countly" nuget package, which activated the using statement, however, none of the countly objects are recognized.

CountlyConfig config = new CountlyConfig(); doesn't work
Countly.SharedInstance() doesn't work


Ok it seems to be adhering to the windows application model.

In the MainActivity.OnCreate I have: var countlyTask = Countly.StartSession(analyticsUrl, analyticsKey, appVersion, FileSystem.Current);

In one of my pages, I am calling it to record an event: Countly.RecordEvent("[Action Name]", 1);

No activity and no events are being captured.


Hi @x2rider - we are currently deploying the new Xamarin packages based on new SDKs of Android and iOS. That should be done in 1-2 days at most. Please try it and let me know if you still have those issues.